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Welcome to Maxim-Diversions Web Design Services


Is your business on the Web? The world is rapidly changing. Once, only high-tech businesses needed a Web presence. Today every business needs a presence on the Internet for the business to thrive and grow.

Your customers are increasingly more likely to search the Web for the products or services they seek, using a PC, Notebook, PDA or Smart Phone instead of letting their fingers do the walking. The web is faster and much more convenient than finding and searching in a phone book. Don't lose business to a competitor with a Web presence because your business is not on the Web for your customers to find.

Maxim-Diversions will get your business on the Web with a high quality, effective web sites for a very reasonable price. We offer everything from simple one page starter Web presence packages to sophisticated eCommerce Web sites, custom designed for you.

In addition we can assist you in promoting your products and services with Google Base listings to expand your Web presence.


We can build a web site for you and your family. Tired of having to contact everyone in your address book each time you change Internet Service Providers? We can register your own personal domain with a permanent eMail address that will not change as you change ISPs. Want a family news site? Need a site for a family reunion, anniversary, etc.? Maxim-Diversions can create what you need.

For an example of our quality work, see the site we built for this satisfied customer - L84DNR. Local St. Louis Musicians, L84DNR, serve up healthy portions of Classic Rock, Blues & Country favorites, tastefully garnished with Pop, Mash-ups, and Originals.

The web sites we design are:

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The system developers at Maxim-Diversions are experienced. Our lead developer was writing software for personal computers long before IBM coined the term Personal Computer (in those days they were called Microcomputers).

In addition to web design, our expertise includes: